2-4 Man Crew w/ 26ft Truck

- 2-hour minimum/ Call For Quote

Single/Multi Item Deliveries


About Us

We offer shrink wrapping of all large furniture items. (for a minimal charge). Plus we have commercial grade moving blankets to wrap up your wood/glass and  household items up pieces in. We provide  complimentary wardrobe boxes for use on the move, plus brand new mattress covers for $9.00 each. We bring all necessary equipment as well to get your items successful loaded and unloaded on our moving truck. 

2-4 Man Labor Crew

(No Truck/Your Truck)

- 100% Repair Policy if it is our fault.         ( *See Service Contract Details on our     MoveItPro verbiage for further         explanation and or exclusions. 

 (Not just $0.60/lb like competitors)

 Nope, never, not a chance, no way!


   - No scrapes

   - No scuffs

   - No scratches

   - No exceptions

Residential Moves
Local Moves
Commercial & Corporate
Packing & Unpacking Pods
Loading Up/Unloading ABF Trailers
Assisted Living
Office Relocation
Move In/Out of Public Storage 
Retirement Communities

We Look Forward To Assisting Your Family In Any Way Possible

​ Make Your Move Folsom  

Has the Remedy To Help You Relieve The Stress & Anxiety Of  Moving

Packing/Boxing up Labor 

               1-4 Man Crew


Owner operated, licensed, and insured !

Nobody does more moves in the Greater Sacramento Area.

Why do we do more jobs than anyone else?

- We know what we're doing and do not compromise your property.

NO EXCEPTIONS- ​every crew member has three to five years of experience.

We do not hire out cheap labor and highly suggest you don't either.


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