Customer Testimonies

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​​​​​​Christine L. 12/20/15- My original movers did not show up so I quickly called Dr. Move as a referral from a friend and Kevin immediately organized a crew to get to my house the same day. I had a 5 bedroom home in Roseville that we had to move out of immediately due to a job transfer. Make Your Move "Dr. Move" did a fantastic job and I would give them 5 stars. 

eff M. 09/12/2014- Called several movers and Make Your Move assured me that they would bet any other competitor's price by 20% so that was very impressive. So I scheduled my move and the owner assured me that he would have two men and a large 26' box truck at my home the next day. Sean and Steve showed up at 9 a.m. and they started organizing the move and getting items on the truck. Everything went very smoothly and my family and I were relieved that we could quickly get moved out of our home. Dr. Move did an awesome job and I would highly recommend them to anyone out there looking for great movers. 

Sharon S.7/22/2015- I have used Kevin's moving business several times over the past four years and Kevin has always been 100% professional and very customer friendly. Kevin once again Thank You for everything that you have done. You are a great business person and a very hard worker. Good luck to you with more future success. 

Briana M. 7/15/2015- Kevin is awesome. I moved this last weekend (7/12 and 7/13) and needed assistance with moving about 7 pieces of large furniture. I found their ad online and called. Kevin was very friendly and professional on the phone and had availability the same day. He sent two young men over to move the items and boy did they work fast. He quoted me a reasonable rate for 2 hours and they made it just slightly under the 2 hours mark. They were very helpful and friendly as well. He also helped me take some items to the Salvation Army. I am so grateful to Kevin and his team. I don't know how I would have moved those large items. I will definitely be using their service again when needed. Thank You Dr. Move.

Diana V. 7/9/2015- Big shout out to Make Your Move- aka "Dr. Move" for helping me move and not breaking any of my things!!! When I called the owner Kevin he had outstanding customer service skills, trying to work with me since I had no transportation. He made sure I would be able to ride with his movers. These dudes were awesome to the tenth power!!!!!!!! I had Scott & Gary help me move from Sacramento to Elk Grove in an apartment on the 3rd floor. They hooked me up for a fair price. They not only picked me up and dropped me off to sign paperwork, but went back to get my kids (off the clock). That was so sweet of them. They were so helpful knowing I had no transportation. They were beasts walking up and down these stairs in 102-degree weather. One of the men walked up 3 flights of stairs carrying my heavy mattress like it was nothing. I totally recommend the two movers that helped me out and will tell everyone I know to use them too. 

Kathryn B. 5/4/2015- Sacramento, CA. We had a small move of 2 rooms into a Pod in our driveway. Great service and friendly and competent movers, Scott and Gary. This was a last-minute arrangement since the first company that I contacted did now show up. I would highly recommend Doctor Move. Kevin called before the movers left and asked me how everything went. Even though it was 2 hours to book and we did not use the full time, it was still well worth every dollar!

Charles M. 6/15/2014- from Rancho Cordova, I used them to move out of my office with 30-40 boxes and four pieces of furniture scattered through my building. I called Kevin a week in advance to set things up and then the day before. Jeff and Daniel showed up on time and moved like greased lightning. I have seen moves like this easily take 4-6 hours but they did it in less than 2, including unloading at my storage room across town. I am completely satisfied and would use them again without hesitation. 

Chase A.  6/5/2014- Fantastic service. Called the day before, Kevin said it would be no problem. Had Jeff and Sean (I think that was there names), come to help us move. Unpacked a 20' truck in way less than 2 hours. Great guys and easy to talk to. Haven't seen any damage, but doubt there is any since they were great. 

K.J. 5/14/2014- I needed 7 pieces of furniture, too heavy, too awkward moved from upstairs and down to my garage, to sell at a yard sale. After a couple of "friends" bailed on me, I started getting quotes from movers via Yelp and Craigslist, one company quoted a minimum $300 for 3 hours. A Craigslist response said he and his daughter would do it for $150. Then I spoke to Kevin at Doctor Move- A relaxed dude, with a calm reassuring voice, (cuz I sounded a tad stressed by now)! He quoted a minimum of $25 per mover, with a minimum of 2 hours. Said he could arrange for the next day at about 1 p.m. SOLD! Calls me at 1 p.m. to let me know his 2 guys will be there in about 20 minutes, and they arrived on time. Sean ran over the agreement of $25hr per person with a minimum of 2 hours, we all looked at the clock, agreed on start time, and I wrote it on my customer sheet and signed it. Sean & Jason were AWESOME!!!! Immediately sprang into action. Very personable and assuring, wouldn't let me do a thing to help! As another reviewer mentioned they're constantly talking to each other, giving signs, working out the best angles, whether to wrap or blanket something. They are both concerned that each other is okay while moving something heavy or awkward, which is neat. They were through so quickly, they helped me lay out items just so, to entice buyers at my sale. Kevin the owner wanted to speak with me to ensure I was happy with their work and even offered since they got done so fast if I needed a piece or two of furniture moved later, he'd send someone out to do so. Talk about great customer care!!!! I can't recommend Sean, Jason, and Kevin highly enough!!!! Just a great experience all around.

Goldtown G. 1/27/2014 - Folsom, CA- I Great moving service and came on time and just did it without breaks and the crew was very good. Completely satisfied and would positively recommend them to others. The owner even called me after the crew was finished to make sure that I was happy with the move, so great customer service. We will definitely use them again!

Mario H. 1/25/2014- Sacramento, called Dr. Move for a last-minute quick move of a large heavy desk. They were able to fit me in the same day, which was more than I expected. The two guys, Scott and Danny showed up as promised, they were both very friendly, had a sense of humor, and worked quickly and efficiently. Upon arriving at my residence we discovered the desk was a bit big for the staircase however they figure it out, got it up and right where I wanted it in a flash. A flawless move!! Kevin, the owner, called to ensure it all went well. I definitely will use them again and recommend Scott & Danny for any move. 

Sarah F. 10/26/13 -My parents hired a mover for a Saturday who was six hours late. So we decided to call Doctor Move and hired them instead. Called Kevin at 3:30 p.m. and they had two guys at the hours by 4:50 p.m. I timed them, Jamie and Cody, it took them a total of 1 hour and 50 minutes to move all the furniture out of a 3,200 square foot house. These guys are fantastic and true lifesavers. They loaded the Pod perfectly. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to move. My parents will be using them again when they get the keys to their next home. 

Rachel K. 10/20/2013- I had a great experience with Doctor Move. They showed up on time, and Kevin, the owner, made sure my experience was satisfactory at the end of the move. I moved on Oct. 18th with Josh and Scott and they were efficient, professional and courteous. They charged $80 an hour and it was totally worth it. They moved my kids and me into a two bedroom apartment in 3 hours. The easiest move I've ever experienced.